Strategy Team Retreat

On November 14, the MACG Strategy Team, (a group of leaders from across MACG institutions), met to create a strategic plan for the coming year. 

They identified two main goals:

  • Strengthening our organizing, relational culture. It is important that we build and rebuild what has been disrupted by the pandemic. 
  • Expanding and diversifying our membership base and partnerships. Focusing on both new types of member organizations, like unions, and on building relationships with BIPOC led organizations.

To reach these goals we are going to focus on a few major projects:

  • Engaging our institutional leadership
  • Recruiting new member organizations
  • Assisting with a campaign for bilingual and bicultural mental health resources in Washington County
  • Building relationships with local Indigenous leaders and beginning the process of bringing the IAF "Wrestling With the Truth of Colonization" training to our area