Media Coverage

Coverage of MACG actions in our community:



Clackamas County group wants to recruit churches to help ease homeless problem, KATU News, 5/8/18

Alliance for Common Good offers homeless solutions, Clackamas Review, 5/8/18

MACG - Safe Overnight Shelter Open House Event, #ClackCoTV, 3/3/18

St. Mary's Academy y Su Jornada Sobre Dreamers y DACA, El Centinela, 4/20/18



Portland takes page from Eugene on homelessness, Portland Tribune, 10/24/17



WATCH: Churches pressure city on housing, Catholic Sentinel, 10/27/16

Faith groups working together a powerful force, The Register-Guard, 8/29/16

Testimonios sobre deportación en el foro "Conozca sus Derechos", El Centinela, 6/2/16



City Council takes two big strides to boost affordable housing funding, Portland Tribune, 10/28/15

Portland Council: Nearly Half Of Urban Renewal Funding Will Go To Housing, OPB, 10/23/15

Mayor brokers deal to boost urban renewal money for housing, Portland Tribune, 10/23/15

The Key Players on Affordable Housing in Portland, InvestigateWest, 10/21/15

Faith group urges city to spend more on affordable housing, Catholic Sentinel, 10/13/15

Alliance seeks funds boost for housing, Catholic Sentinel, 9/12/15

The Common Good - A Faith-Based Group Has a Big Voice on Affordable Housing, Portland Mercury, 9/9/15

City may devote more urban renewal money to affordable housing, Portland Tribune, 9/4/15

Housing Coalitions Build Momentum, SE Uplift, 9/6/15

Portland should spend tens of millions more on affordable housing, advisory group says, The Oregonian, 8/6/15

Catholic social teaching: Rights and responsibilities go together, The Catholic Sentinel, 4/30/15



Los votantes deciden en Oregon si los indocumentados podrán tener licencia para manejar, Univision, 10/23/14

Arzobispo Alexander Sample habló sobre la importancia de apoyar la Medida 88, El Centinela, 10/18/14

Rally supports 'Yes on 88' campaign, Catholic Sentinel, 10/2/14

Rallies held for those for, against Measure 88, Koin 6, 10/2/14



New Starts and Safe Homes for Domestic Violence Survivors, Wheat Ridge Ministries, 2/1/13



Laborers sign two home energy contractors, NW Labor Press, 6/22/12

Letters: Expand job options, The Oregonian, 2/20/12



Letters: How not to Keep Health Care Costs Down, The Oregonian, 4/19/11

Catholic Campaign marks 40 years of using justice to fight poverty, Catholic Sentinel, 3/6/11



Cully Neighborhood Builds Green, Portland Observer, 8/24/10

Clean Energy Works-Portland leaves residents with a warm, cozy feeling, The Oregonian, 8/19/10



Labor plays major role in founding Alliance, NW Labor Press, 6/7/02