Leadership & Staff


MACG has various leadership structures that help guide our direction.  These include:

  • Delegate Assembly - consisting of voting delegates from each member institution, setting the direction for MACG's work

  • Strategy Team - an active committee of the Delegate Assembly, providing leadership and guidance between gatherings

  • Research Action Teams- guide our issue work.  These civic leaders do all the work of researching an issue with experts in the field, and then focusing, planning, and executing a concrete and winnable campaign.  Check out our campaigns page for more information about our current work.

  • The Board of Directors has financial and legal responsibility for the organization.

Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved with any of these leadership teams for MACG.




Staff organizers are responsible for working with leaders to carry out MACG's mission of developing community leadership, strengthening institutions, and organizing power for the common good.

Mary Nemmers: Lead Organizer

Mary has been Lead Organizer of MACG since July, 2009. She brings an enthusiasm for all aspects of the job, and desires to build connections between the broad base. From 1998-2008 Mary was executive director of the Oregon Child Care Resource and Referral Network, a nonprofit organization serving children, families, and child care providers statewide. In her role as executive director, she worked with 17 programs across Oregon and numerous state and local public and private organizations, on programs and policies to promote quality care options for families and children. She joined St. Andrew Church, MACG member, in 2003 when she moved to Portland from Albany, Oregon.

Cell: 503-522-4925
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Alejandro Bautista, Latino Organizer

Cell: 503-314-4844
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