Here is how MACG is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic







  • MACG's Strategy Team is considering how we can best use our organizational assets to help mitigate the enormous impact of the COVID-19 emergency on all members of our communities, especially the most vulnerable, and to learn how we can adapt our relational practices to maintain the connections that people, organizations, and communities need to thrive.
  • We'll be reaching out to key leaders to learn more about what they're doing with their members and in their neighborhood communities as the economic and emotional strains of this crisis press down on us, and how we can support and benefit from one another in our efforts for the common good.
  • While MACG has canceled larger gatherings, including upcoming training, our current work on housing, climate change, and immigration will continue. Research action team members will decide whether to meet in person or by Zoom. In-person meetings will follow the recommended guidelines for social distancing. All leaders will have the choice to participate virtually, even when teams schedule face-to-face meetings.
    • The Atlantic published a recent article—The Dos and Don'ts of 'Social Distancing', by Kaitlyn Tiffany—that may be of help as you consider how to balance the risk of exposure with the impact of social isolation (the Atlantic's paywall has been removed for COVID-19 coverage, as has the New York Times).

Watch for updates and ways to engage as we move forward.

For excellent, reliable and current information moving forward, consider your local health department.  Links below will take you directly to their COVID-19 guidance pages: