How Will We Respond?

While 2021 saw some progress, there is much work to be done to make this a more just world for all. 

Change requires more than outrage, more than protests, more than money. It requires sustained, consistent, collaborative effort and action over time. We need to keep the pressure on to see the changes we hope for in climate policy, in income equality, in housing, in policing, in criminal justice, in ending racism, in making this world work better for ALL.

The question before MACG is: what is our response? What is our response to the times we are in and the issues we face as we enter into our 20th anniversary year? All around us the world is being disorganized and reorganized. It is time for MACG to do the same. The world has changed, and we need to reflect that change. 

We have new leadership. Joe Chrastil, regional director of IAF NW, has stepped in as our interim lead organizer. He is working with our Strategy Team, which includes leaders from across our member institutions, in a process of disorganizing and reorganizing MACG. On November 14, the Strategy Team, leaders, and staff met to map out our strategic plan for the coming year. Our two main goals are:

Strengthening our organizing, relational culture. It is important that we build and rebuild what has been disrupted by the pandemic. 

Expanding and diversifying our membership base and partnerships. We are focused on both new types of member organizations, like unions, and on building relationships with BIPOC led organizations.

To reach these goals we are currently focused on a few major projects:

  • Engaging our institutional leaders in our rebuilding process.
  • Recruiting new member organizations.
  • Launching a campaign for bilingual and bicultural mental health resources in Washington County.
  • Building relationships with local Indigenous leaders and beginning the process of bringing the IAF Wrestling With the Truth of Colonization training to our area. 

MACG is not a staff-run organization, it is a leader-led organization.  That means YOU.  Your engagement and support is vital to MACG’s continued work for justice. How are you going to get involved?  How are you going to support MACG?

MACG continues to identify, train, and mentor everyday leaders in our area.  We support them in becoming effective actors in the public arena. We work together, in solidarity, on behalf of the common good.

Will you continue to partner with us? 

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor!  A monthly donation provides the steady, predictable revenue that is foundational to our financial stability.  


You can also mail a check to our offices at 4940 NE 8th Ave., Portland, OR 97211. 

Thank you for your support!

In solidarity,

MACG Strategy Team

Bob Brown, Havurah Shalom

Pat Christiansen, St. Andrew Lutheran

Jean Gargan, Community Justice Collective

Carla Gonzales, St. Andrew Catholic Church

Jeff Gosda, PHOENIX Rising Transitions

Zora Hess, Community Justice Collective

Michael Heuman, Havurah Shalom

Hilary Nichols, OHSU Richmond Clinic

Brian Park, OHSU Richmond Clinic

Elise Shearer, St. Anthony Catholic Parish

Joe Chrastil, MACG interim lead organizer, IAFNW regional supervisor

Sarah Strausbaugh, MACG development and communications