MACG Visits Randy and Edith Woodley’s Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center for Earth Justice

MACG was Invited to Experience Harmony and Earth Justice at Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center

MACG was thrilled to accept the invitation from Randy and Edith Woodley, founders of Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center for Earth Justice, to visit their remarkable facility. On Saturday, May 20th, MACG Wrestling Cohorts will embark on an enlightening journey at the Eloheh Farm located near Yamhill, Oregon.

Derived from the Cherokee Indian word meaning harmony, wholeness, abundance, and peace, "Eloheh" (pronounced Ay-luh-hay) serves as the guiding principle for the center's mission. Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice is dedicated to developing, implementing, and teaching sustainable and regenerative practices rooted in North American traditional Indigenous knowledge (TIK), wisdom, and practices.

Spanning almost 10 acres, Eloheh Farm integrates the entire property into its vision of harmony with the land. By embodying a holistic approach that educates the mind, soul, and body, the center strives to fulfill its mission and inspire others to live in harmony with nature.

Eloheh Farm & Seeds, operating under the umbrella of the non-profit organization Eloheh/Eagle's Wings since 1999, aims to be a model for regenerative agriculture, animal husbandry, and wild-tending systems. The center seeks to support human needs while simultaneously improving the Earth and nurturing all life forms within the intricate web of existence.

MACG Wrestling Cohorts had the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities during the visit, including:

1. Farm and Center Tour: Participants explored Eloheh Farm's lush surroundings and gain insights into the regenerative practices implemented on-site.

2. Indigenous Wisdom and Practices: Randy and Edith Woodley shared their knowledge, providing valuable lessons on worldview differences and Indigenous pedagogy. Attendees had an amazing opportunity to learn about sustainable practices and their significance in preserving the environment.

3. Nurturing the Land: Through interactive sessions and demonstrations, MACG members discovered the methods used at Eloheh Farm to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the Earth, fostering abundance and peace.

4. Community Fellowship: This visit culminated in a potluck-style gathering, allowing participants to connect and share a meal together. By bringing a dish to share, attendees were able to contribute to the communal atmosphere that lies at the heart of Eloheh Farm's philosophy.

MACG encouraged its members, both individuals and institutions, to embrace this unique opportunity to learn from Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center for Earth Justice. By immersing themselves in Indigenous wisdom and sustainable practices, MACG hopes to inspire positive change within their communities and foster a deeper connection with the natural world. MACG member and Leader of the Climate and Justice Action Team, Michael Heumann put together this lovely digital photo gallery to remember this impactful day.  

MACG was able to purchase supplies that were much needed for the opening of Eloheh Ag & Learning Center. MACG purchased items on Randy and Ediths wish list to help get this amazing learning and resource center a great start. If you would like to make a contribution to the learning center by purchasing items on the wish list, please visit the Eloheh Ag & Learning Center Gift Registery.

For more information about Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center for Earth Justice, please visit Eloheh's webiste.

About MACG:

The Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good (MACG) is a dedicated community of individuals and institutions committed to effecting positive change through collaborative efforts. By engaging in collective action, MACG seeks to address social, economic, and environmental issues, promoting justice and equality in the NW region.