Spring Leader Retreat

On May 19th, 17 MACG leaders gathered at St. Andrew Catholic Church to listen, share, reflect, and act together. 

The agenda included 1-1s, small and large group discussions around the questions:

  • Why do you care about MACG?
  • Why do you care that your institution is a part of MACG?
  • What is our context in 2024?
    • What has changed in the last four-eight years?
    • Cultural changes?
    • Local changes?
  • How is your institution responding to these cultural shifts?
  • Does MACG have a role in our current dramatically changed context? If so, what is it?

MACG Board President Austin DePaolo then shared an update on the state of MACG and the current challenges being faced by our organization, and we outlined the possible paths forward for MACG and then took a straw poll.  16/17 participants voted for MACG to undergo a process of transformation.