Oregon Workers Relief Fund




Stand in solidarity and act to protect all of Oregon's workers!




MACG ally CAUSA, Oregon's Immigrant Rights Organization, is asking for you to stand in solidarity and act to protect all of Oregon's workers!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many immigrant Oregonians have lost their jobs and have no access to any wage replacement program such as Oregon's Unemployment Insurance program. This has immediate harsh impacts such as housing and food insecurity.

That is why our legislators must support the Oregon Worker Relief Fund Proposal to provide financial relief to Oregonians that cannot access public benefits. We ask our state government to set up an emergency fund to support restaurant workers, care-givers, immigrants, refugees, day laborers, farmworkers, and people of color, all of whom contribute to the collective prosperity of Oregon and will be disproportionately impacted by the wage loss caused by COVID-19. 

The Oregon Worker Relief Fund would provide temporary financial support for those that are falling through the cracks during our current global pandemic.


Let's work together to ensure that ALL of Oregon's workers can take care of themselves and their families.